Saturday, 26th november 10:00 into Room 2

How to stop being Rails developer

by Ivan Nemytchenko
There is ongoing discussion in Ruby Community whether we should be ok with Rails-way of development, or should we move to more modular Lotus/ROM-like ways?
While we keep thinking about it, we're still need to teach newcomers somehow. Rails is still dominating framework, therefore it is important to help newbies avoid our self-learners generation mistakes, like:
  • bloated controllers/models
  • OOP/SOLID principles ignorance
  • doing testing wrong
  • messing with layers of abstractions
I personally think that the best way to get motivation to learn how to do something properly is to feel the pain of doing it improperly. A year ago I was organising remote internship for junior ruby developers. The program was designed to give interns that feeling of pain :)
In this workshop I will share my recipes & principles, so you could apply them for your specifics & technologies stack.
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