Saturday, 26th november 16:00 into Room 2

Fullstack|PM survivor guide

by Michele Franzin e Andrea Reginato
That every morning you wake Dev or PM does not matter: whatever you make web-apps | digital products | Mobile-apps | Web services | *AAS you have as many possibilities as when you are in a technology store.

Taking the right decisions is essential in order not to lose your sight and avoid unpleasant encounters.

Backend, Frontend, UI, Ops, UX, Data Storage: is this all you need to be a fullstack developer?

Starting from a collective refactor we want to discuss and act out together what it means to have a "FullStack Approach" and how this affects the choices we make (technologies, communication, architecture, costs, human aspects, projects, ...).

There's a chance to be contaminated through sharing experiences (ours & yours), sharing ideas, and maybe earning another point of view. If you already know everything or you feel too noob to participate, it is a good opportunity to make use of your skills in a more pragmatic way and take home a wider vision.
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